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Beckham sends message to fan

David Beckham is a football figure who is not only known for what he has accomplished inside the pitch but also outside of it as well.

The Englishman is considered to be one of the best set-piece takers in the history of the sport and in every club that he performed in; he was one of the main players who had to step up whenever a penalty or free-kick was given to his respective team.

Besides his abilities in the pitch, Beckham is also a well-known figure for his contributions in helping other people. Beckham forms part of a number of grounds and organizations that are built with the purpose of aiding those who are less fortunate and one of David Beckham’s latest good deed’s was the get well message that he delivered to a fanatic of him which is suffering from a terminal illness.

A teenager who is suffering from Cystic Fibrosis got the surprise of her life when she saw David Beckham in a video wishing her good health and to get back on her feet as soon as possible.

Chloe Hopkins has had 2 weeks of treatment and she revealed her happiness after having seen Beckham’s video as she said: "It's the best thing I could have seen. I'm still in shock now that he even knows who I am. It's just amazing."

Cystic Fibrosis is a condition which affects the lungs and it makes it extremely difficult to breathe normally and Chloe Hopkins is in need of a lung transplant or her lifespan is likely to be over in the upcoming 2 years unless she can find an organ donor.

Chloe Hopkins continued on by saying that breathing through a straw is something not easy but she has been receiving support from friends, family and even strangers that have helped her out in this process and the words from David Beckham have given her happiness as well, the Englishman.

One of the wishes of Chloe is that she will be able to meet the entire Manchester United squad.

It's a shame that Manchester United aren't playing better to try and cheer her up a little bit more - though she may gain some happiness if she uses this Betfair promo code to get better odds on them to win their first match in the Europa League against FC Midtjylland!