Former Manchester United player David Beckham was in Asia for a charity event as an ambassador for Marina Bay Sands.

The former Three Lions skipper reminded fans of his skills as he displayed some moves for the happy onlookers at the event. He posed for pictures in support for victims of the Kumamoto earthquake.

The event was organized with the aim of raising cash for victims of the earthquake. Beckham met with Kumamoto Under 16 squad, and the team’s mascot. He was dressed in blue shirt, dark jeans and brown boots. Kumamoto suffered a devastating earthquake in April this year. Forty nine people died and over 3,000 are left injured.

Beckham publicized his trip to Japan ahead, posting on his Instagram page that he was set to visit the Japanese people after nearly a decade.

“Hi to everyone in Japan. Haven’t been to Tokyo in a long time, almost ten years, so I’m excited to get there. Can’t wait to see you all,” he posted.

The Englishman was revered for his free-kick taking skills. Dimitiri Payet of West ham has been touted to kick the ball just like him. While Cristiano Ronaldo uses the ‘knucklehead’ method, hitting the ball on the valve so it goes to the net unpredictably, Payet is following Beckham’s style of curling the ball and whipping it. The method has made Payet one of top three beck kickers of the ball across Europe.

Anytime Payer takes the ball for a free kick, he threatens or scores as he is consistent with his methods. David Beckham was known for bending his kicks, and scoring a lot of free-kicks when he was actively playing. Only Lionel Messi and Willian of Chelsea have netted more goals from free kicks than Payet.