Cicinho explains how befriending David Beckham cost him €25,000

Former GalacticoCicinho has revealed one incident during his time at Real Madrid which cost him a hefty chunk of his wages.

The Brazilian had joined Los Blancos from Sao Paolo back in January 2006, and he had been fond of one particular Madrid legend in David Beckham.

During his first encounter during a team meal, the 37-year-old was seated alongside stalwarts Robert Carlos, Robinho, Zinedine Zidane and Beckham himself. In the excitement, Cicinho accidentally spilled juice on Beckham's leg and suit, but the Englishman stayed calm over the situation.

"I took the juice and I spilled it on Beckham’s leg, on his suit. I lowered my head and thought, ‘Oh God, why?’ It could have been anyone, but to be the guy that really cares about the way he looks? Because I didn’t know him, I had never met him. But he said, ‘Calm down, no problem’. I thought, ‘he will be my best friend," Cicinho said in an interview held on ESPN Brazil’s Bola da Vez.

The Brazilian therein admired Beckham's way of dressing, and a private communication with the former Manchester United legend led Cicinho to the Englishman's personal stylist. Cicinho picked up a leather jacket and a pair of jeans from the store, but he was stunned to know the overall cost of the apparel, he added: “I gave the woman the credit card. When I had to sign [I said], ‘Sorry, how much?’ I thought it was €2,500 and that was already expensive. But it was €25,000."

Cicinho initially had second thoughts of buying the clothes, but he eventually coughed up the hefty sum as he was still single and without a family. The right-back's stay at Real Madrid lasted for just 18 months before he was offloaded to AS Roma where he would go on to spend five years. The full-back never really kicked on following his standout year in 2005 and 2006, and the latter stages of his career wasinfluenced by alcoholic issues with doctors citing that he could have lost his life.