David Beckham’s dream to become the owner of a Major League Soccer team in Miami is edging nearer and nearer and it is even expected that it can become a reality in just 30 days. The MLS commissioner Don Garber said that the league expects to make an announcement of the situation in the next few days.

The former player of Manchester United, Beckham was given the chance to obtain and purchase an expansion team at a discount which is rumored to be at around $25 million. This was part of the deal he made back in 2007 when he joined the MLS team Los Angeles Galaxy.

“I was down there this past weekend, and I’ve been down there a lot, working with potential ownership and trying to finalize a stadium plan. Right now, we’ve got a lot of work to do, and we’ll announce something in early February.”

“There’s a lot of work that needs to happen. We can’t go to Miami without the right stadium solution. David understands that. The city understands that. That’s an indisputable fact. We can’t have different rules in Miami than we have in any other city. We want to do as much as we can to work with David and Simon Fuller to get something done as quickly as we can.” Garber told media at the MLS SuperDraft in Philadelphia Thursday

Garber is optimistic about the idea of MLS putting an expansion club in Miami but he stated that it will only be done if a stadium deal can be completed and the Miami officials have already agreed to talk with Bekcham about a privately financed stadium in the Port Miami area.

The stadium deal is one of the last few stages that Beckham needs in order to complete his plan and the Englishman is already having talks concerning the stadium which means that it can be over and completed in the next few weeks, if everything goes according to plan.