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Beckham Expects New Stadium

David Beckham has revealed that he will not be downbeat about the chances of successfully erecting a stadium in Miami despite protests from various groups. Beckham revealed a few months ago that he will be looking to start franchise in the United States. The former Manchester United and Real Madrid midfielders now set to invest more than £ 20 million from his own pocket. He will be joined by several other investors in order to start the franchise, which has not been present in the city of Miami for a long time.

Beckham also revealed that the club are planning to construct a new stadium with more than 25,000 seater capacity in the port of Miami. However, this has turned into a lot of trouble due to protests from people in the region. According to them, the new stadium will spoil any upcoming development in the region since it is one of the last few vacant lands available in this area. The Port of Miami is one of the largest employers of people in this region. It is also set to invest a huge amount of money in the coming years to make this region the next hub apart from the panama canal, which will be opened in 2015 after a huge expansion.

"Until a few weeks ago, it was very smooth. And nothing that wants to be — in my eyes, has to be — successful, was ever going to be that smooth. We want to be a positive for people. This part of America has not had a soccer team for quite a few years, and they deserve one," Beckham said. "The port and tourism are the two engine drivers of Miami. And a stadium and commercial development that's been proposed just doesn't belong there," said one of the residents from this area.