Beckham Expects US To Perform Well At World Cup

Former England star David Beckham has stated that he expects the US to put up a good showing at the World Cup 2014. Jurgen Klinsmann’s team go into the competition with the former German national team manager playing down their hopes. This is because of the tough group stages draw in which US will be coming up against the likes of Germany and Portugal. Beckham, who has played in several world cups with the England national team, says that the United States are well-equipped to create an impact in Brazil this time around.

Beckham has been a major reason towards the US national team improving in quality as it was his move in 2007 that improved the image of the MLS. The prospect of coming up against Germany and Portugal in the group stages is daunting indeed, but Beckham feels that the US will be able to carry on their good form. Klinsmann’s team first take on Ghana in the group match. A win in this match coupled with a defeat for either Portugal or Germany will boost their hopes of reaching the knockout stages. Klinsmann has received a lot of praise for the way he has improved the quality of the national team, but he surprised everyone by ruling the US out of contention for the World Cup title.

“The U.S. has gone into this World Cup on such a positive note. I think Jurgen [Klinsmann] has a professionalism that top managers have, and I think he’s a manager that knows what’s best for the team, what’s best for the players, and how to bring the players together. You know, it’s not hard to bring U.S. players together, because I think it’s in their blood. U.S. players are so proud of representing their country that when they go to a big tournament, they stick together like not many countries do,” said Beckham.