Beckham Visits Devastated Tacloban

David Beckham flew down to Tacloban, a Philippine city, on Thursday as a part of relief efforts by the UNICEF.

This city is still trying to recover from the devastating aftermath left by the super typhoon Haiyan that hit last November 8th. This typhoon killed approximately 6000 people and rendered many thousands homeless.

Hundreds of victims who had been living in US- provided tents outside a stadium greeted Beckham with enthusiasm and awe.

According to UNICEF’s statement, Beckham felt humbled when he saw how graciously people in this city were dealing with the devastation, especially with the loss of so many loved ones. Almost 6 million children have been affected.

Beckham entered several tents. One acted as a classroom, in which we high-fived and posed for pictures with the students. He joined a family in another tent where he held the child while talking to the family members. However UNICEF staff and Officials do not know what they spoke about during the half an hour visit.

Beckham is a goodwill ambassador for the UNICEF. This is not his first visit to the Philippines. He had visited it earlier in 2011 where he met with former homeless children in a shelter. He also played an exhibition match along with the Philippine national team.

According to a Manila UNICEF spokesperson, Beckham said that he someday wanted to return to Philippines without the media following him. He wanted to meet with the children and encourage them for better things.

David and Victoria Beckham have been trying to raise money for the typhoon victims by donating designer clothes and shoes. Beckham also plans on heading to nearby town, Palo which was greatly overwhelmed to visit a warehouse of the World Food Program.

Beckham just wants to help the survivors of the super typhoon Haiyan in any way he possibly can. He is touched by their courage and perseverance.