David Beckham is one of those several calling for a change at FIFA

Former England international David Beckham is one of those several calling for a change at FIFA.

The world football governing body has been hit by a number of corruption scandals in recent years. The most high-profile of them has happened just days before Sepp Blatter was re-elected for the post once again. The Swiss has held this position since 1998. He promised during the previous elections that it would be his last term as the FIFA president, but it has not been the case. He managed to beat his only opponent narrowly to secure another term.

Yet, the number of corruption scandals that have hit FIFA have made it almost impossible for Blatter to continue in his position. He announced his resignation just two days after taking in charge. Even though he has given his resignation, it is understood that he will continue in his position at least until next summer when a replacement will be re-elected. A number of candidates from across the world are expected to be interested in becoming the next FIFA president. One of candidates from Great Britain is likely to be David Beckham, although the former Manchester United man has shown little interest.

Beckham backed his Real Madrid teammate Luis Figo back in February but the Portuguese backed out of the elections with two weeks to go. "Some of the things that we now know happened were despicable, unacceptable and awful for the game that we love so much.Football is not owned by a few individuals at the top, it belongs to the millions of people around the world who love this sport.It is time for FIFA to change and we should all welcome it," said Beckham. The England midfielder was part of the World Cup 2018 bid by the England national team that ultimately ended in a failure.