David Beckham says Brooklyn Beckham will not Presue Football

David Beckham has revealed that his eldest son, Brooklyn Beckham, will not be pursuing a career in football.

Instead, he will focus on his other interests. Brooklyn was seen as the next David Beckham and it appears to have been the primary cause behind the youngster opting out of football as a career. Beckham has a huge reputation in the game and the former Manchester United superstar reveals that Brooklyn was not sure about having to live up with the comparisons throughout his career. If his career did not turn out as expected, he would have faced numerous criticisms about failure to reach his dad’s level.

Brooklyn, though, will have several other opportunities to be involved in football. David Beckham is about to start his own MLS franchise and there is likely to be huge potential given the growth of even in MLS clubs in the last five years. After suffering a major setback in his original plans, the former Real Madrid and AC Milan midfielder has revealed that a new site has been chosen for the construction of a brand-new stadium. It will house his new MLS franchise, which is expected to compete in the next couple of years. MLS has already received a number of new franchises especially in 2015 but there is likely to be no shortage in interest surrounding Beckham.

"One of my boys turned around to me the other day and said, 'Daddy, you know, I'm not sure I want to play football all the time...' It broke my heart a little bit of I step onto the field, I know people are saying, 'This is David Beckham's son', and if I'm not as good as you, then it's not good enough., 'Okay, stop right there... You play because you want to play,'" said Beckham about his conversation with his eldest son.