The former manager of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson, has had a go at David Beckham in his new autobiography. Some parts of the book were released yesterday, while, the whole book will be released on 24th of October.

David Beckham remained a part of Manchester United for 12 years before making a move to Spain in 2003 after having a massive dispute with Sir Alex Ferguson.

After leaving United, Beckham’s career started to deteriorate. He spent a few years in Spain playing for Real Madrid and then, later on in America playing for Los Angeles Galaxy, but, he couldn’t perform up to his potential. He eventually announced his retirement earlier this year after a brief tenure at the French club Paris Saint-Germain.

In Ferguson’s book, there is a chapter about Beckham. That chapter consists of 11 pages and Ferguson has mentioned quite a few incidents related to Beckham in it.
According to the former Manchester United boss, towards the end of his career at Old Trafford, Beckham had started to behave weirdly. He had started to think that he was more important than the manager.

Ferguson added that Beckham would have become one of the greatest players ever at Manchester United if he had not gone after fame and publicity so much.

Talking to the reporters about his new book in a press conference yesterday, Ferguson said, “David’s marriage with Victoria was a turning point in his career. He didn’t remain the same player after that.”

“He had the ability to become one of the greats at United. But because of the desire that he had for stardom, he couldn’t do that.”

“If he had shown a little more maturity, he might have been playing for Manchester United even today.”