On the 18th of May, the man that the phrase is inspired on 'Bend it like Beckham' retired from football and recently spoke up about what his life has been without participating in the sport he was born to play.

The father-of-four said: 'I feel a pang of regret whenever I watch sport; the sense that I will never play a big match again. I guess those feelings are inevitable when you have just retired from sport.'

He also said that it’s a privilege being in the current situation he’s in: 'Whenever I go out people try to take pictures. I am not complaining, because it is a huge privilege to be famous and have a platform to do things that I believe in. But it can be surreal.'

David Beckham has been involved in the history of Manchester United when playing alongside some of the greatest players for the English club but not only in the Premier League as another chapter of his life began in his move to Real Madrid.

He is being tipped by some Unibet experts to make a move to Melbourne to play football, with the latest afl betting suggesting that he has a real chance of playing Down Under some time soon.

Florentino Perez completed his: Galacticos with the English midfielder for a transfer fee of €35 million. It was an era remembered for Real Madrid by the massive signings that the club made during that specific time period.

Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, Luis Figo, Roberto Carlos,Raul, Casillas and Beckham were the players which mainly consisted of: 'Los Galacticos'.

Forbes magazine reported that he had been the primarily player responsible for the team's huge increase in merchandise sales, a total reported to top US$600 million during Beckham's four years at the club.

The retired football now enjoys life with his family in Beverly Hills although he does make visits to some of his old clubs and plays an active role.