David Beckham’s reputation as the ‘golden boy’ as continued to take a hit as his email scandal continues to make the rounds in the media.

Emails that he sent four years ago have been circulated by the media after it was exposed by Football Leaks.

Football Leaks released 18.6 million emails that showed that Beckham referring to the Honours Committee as “c*nts” for not bestowing him with knighthood. The emails also show that he demanded a charity pay for his flight to one of their functions, aside other things.

The football legend, who was awarded with the OBE honour in 2003, would not be happy with the news that an injunction that stopped Times Newspapers from reporting the leaked emails has been varied after his lawyers failed.

The Sunday Times were working on the emails as part of a cross border collaborative investigation but they were injuncted by Beckham’s lawyers in December. This week the newspaper published it, saying: “The Sunday Times has been gagged by an injunction preventing it from reporting details about a celebrity’s personal and professional life. The judge anonymised the individual using initials. The newspaper is in legal proceedings.”

However, other newspapers, in and outside the UK, published the details in full to the public as the gagging order was limited to just Times Newspaper. The Times have now said that the injunction has been changed, allowing them to report the news for the first time as the matter is now in public domain.

The Honours Committee overlooked Beckham for some reasons like his tax issues, so he called them a “bunch of cunts.”

Many now claim that all the charity work the player did was all for show. The former footballer is a UNICEF ambassador and has donated millions to charities. He has been involved in scandals that he has come out of but this is one that is threatening to put him in permanent bad light.