David Beckham Expected Phil Neville To Enter Into Management Ahead Of Gary

Manchester United legend David Beckham has said that he always expected Phil Neville to be a better fit in coaching ahead of his elder sibling Gary. The brothers have moved in contrasting directions over the past 24 months, and Beckham is pleasantly surprised that Phil did not try into coaching at an earlier date.

In a report covered by The Telegraph, Beckham said: “To be honest out of Phil and Gary, I always expected Phil to go into coaching. Both of them were very intelligent in every way, on and off the field, but I am not surprised to see Phil in the role and I think he is enjoying it. It is good for the girls to have someone who is so experienced and who has won everything in the game. The team is in good hands with him. His experience will give them a lot of opportunity to push on.”

Unlike his brother Gary, Phil has made a good start by coaching the England women’s side and he has guided the Lionesses to a victory and draw against France and Germany respectively in the Women’s World Cup. Next up, the team have a game against hosts United States, and a positive result could wrap up a perfect beginning for the former United and Everton defender.

Beckham has been working towards his proposed MLS franchise in Miami over the past couple of years, and this has apparently kept him interested in the women’s team, which are currently in New Jersey. The United favourite appeared to provide advice in the dressing room one of those games, and he has continued with his ambition of making the sport popular in the United States.

Whilst Phil Neville is busy with his coaching duties, his brother Gary has more or less settled into punditry after a failed attempt in management with Valencia. The former United right-back has been provided his views on Sky Sports, and it appears that he has settled into the job than aiming to revive his coaching career.