David Beckham Opens up on the Rift with Sir Alex Ferguson

David Beckham has claimed that a few wrong decisions quickly led to the rift with former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

The rift between the duo is one of the most popular incidents in the world of football. Despite being the superstar of his generation, Ferguson decided to get back in out of Manchester United as soon as it became apparent that the England winger was not going to be able to stay grounded. Beckham started focusing more on his personal endorsements after his marriage to Victoria Beckham. This led to the high profile moved to Real Madrid in 2003 where he spent the next four years before joining LA Galaxy in 2007.

Beckham recently retired from his playing days, but not before amassing a huge fortune. He remains as one of the most successful footballers to date after having won many honours in his playing days. Yet, the rift with Ferguson remains one of the key aspects that are defined his career.

While he may not have been as successful financially if he stayed at United, Beckham would have won even more honours. Beckham has opened up on the incident that led to the first rift, which later became unworkable. Ferguson has previously suggested that the entry of Victoria into Beckham’s life changed the player.

“At 41 I’d like to think that I’m more grown up and a little wiser than when I was 21. There was one occasion when Victoria was in Ireland. I had a day off so I flew over to Ireland. I didn’t feel I needed to tell the manager what I was doing. As I was coming back at 6am for training, I was sat in the lounge and the manager walked in. He didn’t talk to me. I knew I was in a little bit of trouble. All the manager ever wanted was the best for the team, the best for the club and the best for the individual,” said Beckham.