David Beckham reveals how his son misled him into missing his first tattoo

Former England international and Manchester United legend David Beckham revealed that his son nearly deceived him in order to get his first tattoo to celebrate his 18th birthday in April this year.

In an interview on James Cordens’ The Late Late Show, the British stalwart revealed that he had intervened in the nick of time in order to stop his son from getting inked in his absence.

Brooklyn had personally agreed to have his first tattoo on Beckham’s supervision, but the 42-year-old was surprised when his friend told him that his son had been with his girlfriend to a Tattoo shop in Paris, he said: : “He was counting the days down because he was talking about a tattoo for a long time.

Four days before he was with his girlfriend in Paris and one of my friends who was looking after him called me and said It's not come from me but Brooklyn is in a tattoo shop with his girlfriend. I said (to Brookln) you are welcome to have it but remember you promised me and I am your dad and I would feel really upset if you went through with it. So he didn't.”

At the end, David managed to show his presence as Brooklyn got his first tattoo, a Native American etching which matches the same his dad has on his torso. The etching was done on his son’s forearm when Beckham visited his favourite artist Mark Mahoney in Los Angeles in April. The footballer has been a fond lover of ink over the years, and he has an estimated 40 tattoos over his whole body. Meanwhile, the much celebrated footballer is also pushing his plans to open up his Miami-based franchise ahead of the MLS’ expansion in the next three years.