David Beckham Set to Receive UEFA Presidents Award for 2018

David Beckham is all set to receive the 2018 Presidents award from UEFA for his service to the game. He has still been actively involved in the game even after retiring from football couple of years ago. The former Manchester United midfielder will be picking up the award in Monaco towards the end of the calendar year. UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin claims that he has picked Beckham as the recipient of the award since he has become a global ambassador for the game. Beckham’s popularity has helped to promote the game in various nooks and corners of the world. Besides, the midfielder has also been able to actually be part of several charity and humanitarian works in the world.

Beckham was an incredibly successful player after having won numerous honours including the Champions League with Manchester United. He also represented top clubs like Real Madrid, AC Milan, and PSG. Beckham is also widely regarded to have made Major League Soccer incredibly popular, as his arrival prompted the league to enter into the next stage. Even though the likes of Pele and Ronaldinho did try the league to a certain extent, it is now able to stake a place as one of the top leagues in North America due to the exposure given by Beckham.

It is no surprise that the former United midfielder has been given the opportunity to set up a franchise and he is currently in the process of beginning a new MLS club.“I have chosen David Beckham as the recipient of this year's award because he has been a global ambassador for football,
promoting the game and all its values in every corner of the planet. His tireless humanitarian efforts, which have helped the lives of many children around the world, should also be celebrated. Beckham is a true football icon of his generation,” said Aleksander Ceferin.