David Beckham Still One of the Top Earning Sportspersons in 2016

Even though he may be retired, David Beckham still remains as one of the top earning sportspersons in the world.

The figures for 2016 have shown that Beckham was making £71,000 for each day through his various businesses. Since his retirement as a footballer, Beckham has showed a penchant for business by opening several ventures. Many of those ventures took advantage of this incredible popularity around the world, while he has also been looking at opening up a franchise in the MLS. Many of the former players enter into football management or coaching, but Beckham is one of the few to go down the route of football club ownership.

His latest venture, Seven Global LLP, has made an extraordinary £ 8.5 million profit in the last seven months. Beckham's DB Ventures and lifestyle also made a £ 3.5 million profit after having had an extraordinary growth in revenue following a tie-up with clothing retailer H&M amongst many other brands.

The footballer also made £ 11.5 million profit through his Footwork Productions, which is a company formed specifically to take advantage of his incredible marketing value across the world. Beckham is one of the most valuable personalities in the world and his net worth is around £ 300 million.

Even then, Beckham recently revealed that he is not one for flamboyant Christmas gifts."Socks is always a good one. You know, I'm an Englishman so we - us Brits we love nice socks, so I've asked for socks this year. Victoria's list - nice pajamas.She loves some nice PJ's, comfy and cozy. I am a very casual dresser. I love to wear smart suits and I like to feel smart when I go out for dinner but I also much prefer to wear jeans, T-shirts, trainers, boots, vintage boots and that’s kind of how I dress every single day," said Beckham.