David Beckham Unveils Sketches of Miami Freedom Park

David Beckham recently unveiled sketches of the Miami Freedom Park, which will be the new home of Inter Miami CF. After years of delay, Beckham has finally unveiled the name of the MLS franchise that he would be part of along with the stadium rendering. The former Manchester United winger played for LA Galaxy for five years and he helped raise the profile of the league across the world. As part of the deal that took him from Real Madrid to Galaxy, Beckham was given the opportunity to start an MLS franchise once his career had come to an end.

There were several delays in setting up the project, but it finally seems to be happening with become unveiling the finer details of the Major League Soccer team. The club will be playing the first two campaigns the Lockhart Stadium, which has a 18,000 seater capacity. However, it would later serve only as a training and exhibition facility. The club has been able to agree a 99 year lease with the Miami Council in order to construct the new stadium with a capacity that would far exceed the Lockhart stadium. For the time being, around $60 million would be spent on renovating the Lockhart Stadium, which has been closed for some time.

However, “the new stadium that is will be built by Inter Miami will come at a cost of $1 billion even though it has a capacity of around 25,000. This is due to the significant costs in building the hotel, commercial campus, and office parks inside and around the Stadium. The Melreese golf course will be the destination for this development and it is set on a 73 acre site. Beckham’s club will also construct a public park near the site. There are still several challenges with “four city commissioners yet to approve the plan.