Don Garber Praises David Beckham as Ideal Person to Start a MLS Franchise

MLS commissioner Don Garber claims that David Beckham will be able to transform the league when his new franchise team finally comes into play.

Beckham is regarded as one of the iconic players to have represented in the Major League Soccer, which has been around for the last decade. The major boost to the popularity of the competition came when Beckham arrived on a free transfer from Real Madrid in the summer of 2005. Beckham was able to agree a whopping $ 250 million deal with the MLS for playing in this division. His presence boosted the profile of the league, and it also helped Beckham agree the potential option of starting a franchise at a subsidised cost.

After retiring from football, Beckham has been in the process of beginning a new MLS franchise, which is expected to cost around $25 million. The 42-year-old has chosen Miami as the destination.

However, the start to the franchise has been hit by numerous issues with regard to finding a location for the stadium and also constricting the stadium. Now, the delays are slowly clearing up for the 42-year-old and he is now moving closer towards his ambition of being part of a MLS franchise. Don Garber believes that someone cannot begin a sports team just by being a professional athlete, but Beckham has shown the dedication and qualities required to do so.

"I'm a big believer that just because you are a professional athlete doesn't mean you don't have the capabilities to be a good sports team owner.It's actually the other way round. Coming up with the game and understanding the intricacies of it, I think a guy like David would be a fantastic owner.He's a very bright guy, very committed to our country and our league, very committed to the city of Miami,” said Garber.