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Final approvals of David Beckham´s stadium are underway

David Beckham´s process of building a soccer stadium in Miami is reaching it´s final stages in terms of having all the preparations completed as the English retiree bought the final piece of land that was needed in order to actually kick-off the construction procedure.

The Miami based soccer stadium will have 9 acres of land in it´s entirety but it wasn’t until a few days ago that David Beckham and his associates got the approval to buy the final 3 acres of land which they had not received permission to acquire it until recently.

These 3 last acres of land are priced at $3 million per each one of them and are located in the Overtown area of Miami which is expected to have the soccer stadium built within walking distance of the Miami River with a capacity of 25,000 seats.

One of the factors that is considered to be as controversial in relation to this upcoming soccer stadium is the fact that it will not have a parking garage which means that supporters will have to either walk to the actual stadium or take a taxi or any of these kinds of transportations methods which does have some positive and negative effects around the local households and businesses.

With so many people having to actually walk, this is expected to boost the local businesses but at the same time, with this increase of population it can also affect the tranquility of the families who reside in that area as matches will be played with the stadium filled who cause big noise as well as the concerts which are going to be done in that very same stadium, not everyone is happy about this.

Nonetheless, in spite of all this, David Beckham bought the final piece of land that he needed in order to have all the space for construction of the stadium to initiate and all that is left now is for the Englishman to receive the final approval from the city of Miami as they have to take into consideration all of the previous issues stated here as well as many others before giving David Beckham and his associates the final authorization that they need to begin the construction process which is expected to take 2 years.