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David Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson widely fell out with each other almost a decade ago

David Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson widely fell out with each other almost a decade ago. The former England international, though, has praised his manager ahead of a fundraising game at Old Trafford.

Beckham and Ferguson reportedly came to blows before the former joined Real Madrid for £ 25 million. Despite being one of the best players in the history of the club, Ferguson did not think twice about selling him to one of the main European rivals. Beckham has pushed aside all the hard feelings that he may have about the Scot, who recently retired from management.

Ferguson is involved at Manchester United as an ambassador. He does not have a major say in the football matters, but it is widely believed that his presence has kept players like Beckham out of an active role at United. Such rumours have been dispelled with the news that the duo will be coming together once again for a fundraiser game. Beckham will be on the pitch and he will be joined by his former teammates like Zidane. The former PSG and Real Madrid superstar also says that he is very much looking forward to playing at Old Trafford, which was his home for several seasons.

“He was my favourite manager that I ever played for, he gave me the chance to play for the team that I had supported for my whole life and obviously the success we had there was all down to him as a manager and the players that we played with.So to have Sir Alex Ferguson involved in this is something that I could only dream of and I really wanted to thank him for being part of this. I spent 12 years in Manchester from a very young age, and obviously have so many great memories from Manchester,” said Beckham.