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David Beckham has shockingly revealed that he enjoys watching rugby more than football

David Beckham has shockingly revealed that he enjoys watching rugby more than football. The former England star is regarded as one of the icons of the game. Beckham is known for his freekick taking abilities, while he has achieved so much in the sport while playing for top teams like Manchester United and Real Madrid. Beckham is one of the few players to have played in three major leagues with three top teams – Madrid, United, and AC Milan. His sons, though, have been showing different interests of late. They have also started supporting the likes of Arsenal whereas Beckham is known to be a huge fan of United.

It appears that his decision to start following rugby is largely due to the crowd behaviour at stadiums. Beckham feels that he is able to be more relaxed while watching rugby. As one of the icons in world football, the former Paris St Germain superstar is always surrounded by a mob of fans wherever he goes. He feels that football has become a serious sport with many people taking it to the extreme at times. Beckham also spoke about the corruption scandal going on within Fifa. There have been calls for a major shakeup from the top to the bottom in order to clean the game.

“I love rugby. I love watching it and I love the whole thing. I have enjoyed going to Twickenham more than I have enjoyed watching football. People sitting together with no nastiness. Football is so powerful. It matters so much to people.They’re [FIFA] just hitting the bend. There’s a lot still to be done.It’s such a mess that it’s going to take a while to sort it out. For me to see the game, the way it’s been treated and looked after, is devastating. It’s disgusting,” said Beckham.