Slaven Bilic compares Dimitri Payet to David Beckham

West Ham manager Slaven Bilic has compared Dimitri Payet to David Beckham in his free kick taking abilities.

The Frenchman recently scored a wonder goal against Manchester United in the FA Cup. This was exactly similar to the goal he had scored for the French national team against Russia a few days earlier. Beckham is widely regarded as one of the best players from a dead ball situation. He has scored numerous free kicks and has contributed to numerous goals from corners in his stellar career. One of the best goals scored by Payet was in 2-2 draw with Crystal Palace, according to managerBilic.

Bilic also claimed that it was tough to name one free kick as the best from Payet. However, Beckham fans are often reminded about the famous goal he scored for the England national team against Greece in 2002. This goal sent the nation into the 2002 World Cup after a tough qualifying. Now retired, the former England international is on the verge of setting up an MLS franchise that will see him step back into football. Not many expected Beckham to take up a coaching role given his entrepreneurial ideas.Bilic says that Payet is so good that free kicks that he is expected to score even when in training.

“They are both great free-kick takers. You can't say that anyone was better than Beckham at taking free-kicks.But then again you can say the same thing about Dimitri this season. In no time we can name five or six great ones.The last one was unbelievable. Then for France at Old Trafford and then against Blackburn and Bournemouth. It all happened in a couple of months.The tempo he is putting them in is amazing,” said the West Ham manager. Beckham scored more than 100 goals in his career.