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Overtown Stadium has its own obstacles

The main obstacle that David Beckham has been trying to solve in regards to his plans of making an expansion team in Miami, has been where to establish and construct his stadium. A few months ago, David Beckham and his group of investors saw their bid failing in relation to having a stadium being built next to Marlins Park.

This is the 4th time that David Beckham and his team have seen their stadium bids failing to actually land and go forward. PortMiami, Downtown Miami and the latest one was a site which was next to Marlins Park.

All of these have been the sites that bids were launched but ultimately failed on actually being approved and this has forced Beckham on having to search for another place for his stadium to be constructed and Overtown is turning into a very likely destination.

There are a number of problems that could rise if Overtown is indeed selected as the location for David Beckham’s Miami MLS franchise team.

Overtown has historically been one of Miami’s poorest neighborhoods and there are almost no restaurants or big retail stores in the region, this zone has also been known as one of the more dangerous places to live due to the high rate of crimes that are being done consistently throughout the year.

Marlins Park is located in Little Havana and this is a region that is similar to Overtown as both of these regions are suffering from economic struggles and Marlins Park has one of the lowest attendances rates in the entire league. This is something that can occur with David Beckham’s upcoming stadium which they have selected as Overtown as their next site, and yet another reason that Matchbook have said that the stadium is more likely to be built somewhere else.

Another big obstacle in establishing the stadium in Overtown is the lack of parking lot and this will force the possible visitors or fanatics of the club on having to park on the street or walk to the stadium which might not be what the best decision taking into consideration the crime rates and security issues that was previously mentioned.