Beckham Disappointed In Neymar Injury

David Beckham is very disappointed with the fact that the Brazilian superstar Neymar would not be able to take any further part in the ongoing FIFA World Cup due to injury.
Neymar suffered a nasty back injury in the dying stages of the quarter final match against Colombia.

After being given some medical help on the pitch, the striker was carried to the hospital for scans which disclosed that there was a fracture.

It would take Neymar about one month or so to get back to fitness which means that he would not feature in the last two knockout games for his country.

In his absence, it has become an uphill task for Brazilians now to reach the title on their home soil.

Beckham Expects US To Perform Well At World Cup

Former England star David Beckham has stated that he expects the US to put up a good showing at the World Cup 2014. Jurgen Klinsmann’s team go into the competition with the former German national team manager playing down their hopes. This is because of the tough group stages draw in which US will be coming up against the likes of Germany and Portugal. Beckham, who has played in several world cups with the England national team, says that the United States are well-equipped to create an impact in Brazil this time around.

Beckham Expects New Stadium

David Beckham has revealed that he will not be downbeat about the chances of successfully erecting a stadium in Miami despite protests from various groups. Beckham revealed a few months ago that he will be looking to start franchise in the United States. The former Manchester United and Real Madrid midfielders now set to invest more than £ 20 million from his own pocket. He will be joined by several other investors in order to start the franchise, which has not been present in the city of Miami for a long time.


Ac.Milan’s season has been hampered with a series of disappointing results and performances as they fallen out of the Champions League qualification spots as well as the Europa League section.

Despite Ac.Milan not being able to secure a spot in the top 5 places in the Italian league, Serie A. Ricardo Kaka wants to stay with Ac.Milan for the upcoming seasons.

“I like the club, I am used to other things, but the situation is this and we must live it, plus, we have this special derby to play. I do not even want to remain anxious and wait too long, the fans can rest easy because there are no games or anything, it will be a personal choice and that of my family, but the biggest desire is to stay’’.


David Beckham was recently in the stands of Upton Park to witness Wayne Rooney scoring a goal that was remarkably similar to the effort he achieved at Wimbledon in 1996. David Beckham then managed to outwit the opposition goalkeeper Neil Sullivan with a lob from the centre of the park.

It has long been developed as one of the best goals in the Premier league history, but Rooney has managed to replicate it with an effort of his own against West Ham United. After the match, Rooney joked that he suffered was obviously better than the one from Beckham.

Beckham Visits Devastated Tacloban

David Beckham flew down to Tacloban, a Philippine city, on Thursday as a part of relief efforts by the UNICEF.

This city is still trying to recover from the devastating aftermath left by the super typhoon Haiyan that hit last November 8th. This typhoon killed approximately 6000 people and rendered many thousands homeless.

Hundreds of victims who had been living in US- provided tents outside a stadium greeted Beckham with enthusiasm and awe.

According to UNICEF’s statement, Beckham felt humbled when he saw how graciously people in this city were dealing with the devastation, especially with the loss of so many loved ones. Almost 6 million children have been affected.


David Beckham’s dream to become the owner of a Major League Soccer team in Miami is edging nearer and nearer and it is even expected that it can become a reality in just 30 days. The MLS commissioner Don Garber said that the league expects to make an announcement of the situation in the next few days.

The former player of Manchester United, Beckham was given the chance to obtain and purchase an expansion team at a discount which is rumored to be at around $25 million. This was part of the deal he made back in 2007 when he joined the MLS team Los Angeles Galaxy.


David Beckham retired over 6 months ago as he played his last professional match with PSG as they played against Brest and he was made captain before receiving a standing ovation from fans and leaving the pitch after 80 minutes.

The English midfielder however wants to continue playing a role in football and wants to secure his MLS franchise before the New Year. He has a tight deadline to finalise his team in Miami as the MLS have put in place a deadline of December 31.

The MLS are offering the deal at a budget rate of £15m, which will then increase. So Beckham is keen to put together his proposal which includes sponsors, stadium and business plan.

Beckham said: “Hopefully there will be an announcement before the new year.


On the 18th of May, the man that the phrase is inspired on 'Bend it like Beckham' retired from football and recently spoke up about what his life has been without participating in the sport he was born to play.

The father-of-four said: 'I feel a pang of regret whenever I watch sport; the sense that I will never play a big match again. I guess those feelings are inevitable when you have just retired from sport.'

He also said that it’s a privilege being in the current situation he’s in: 'Whenever I go out people try to take pictures. I am not complaining, because it is a huge privilege to be famous and have a platform to do things that I believe in. But it can be surreal.'


The former manager of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson, has had a go at David Beckham in his new autobiography. Some parts of the book were released yesterday, while, the whole book will be released on 24th of October.

David Beckham remained a part of Manchester United for 12 years before making a move to Spain in 2003 after having a massive dispute with Sir Alex Ferguson.

After leaving United, Beckham’s career started to deteriorate. He spent a few years in Spain playing for Real Madrid and then, later on in America playing for Los Angeles Galaxy, but, he couldn’t perform up to his potential. He eventually announced his retirement earlier this year after a brief tenure at the French club Paris Saint-Germain.

In Ferguson’s book, there is a chapter about Beckham. That chapter consists of 11 pages and Ferguson has mentioned quite a few incidents related to Beckham in it.
According to the former Manchester United boss, towards the end of his career at Old Trafford, Beckham had started to behave weirdly. He had started to think that he was more important than the manager.

Ferguson added that Beckham would have become one of the greatest players ever at Manchester United if he had not gone after fame and publicity so much.

Talking to the reporters about his new book in a press conference yesterday, Ferguson said, “David’s marriage with Victoria was a turning point in his career. He didn’t remain the same player after that.”

“He had the ability to become one of the greats at United. But because of the desire that he had for stardom, he couldn’t do that.”

“If he had shown a little more maturity, he might have been playing for Manchester United even today.”