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On the 18th of May, the man that the phrase is inspired on 'Bend it like Beckham' retired from football and recently spoke up about what his life has been without participating in the sport he was born to play.

The father-of-four said: 'I feel a pang of regret whenever I watch sport; the sense that I will never play a big match again. I guess those feelings are inevitable when you have just retired from sport.'

He also said that it’s a privilege being in the current situation he’s in: 'Whenever I go out people try to take pictures. I am not complaining, because it is a huge privilege to be famous and have a platform to do things that I believe in. But it can be surreal.'


The former manager of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson, has had a go at David Beckham in his new autobiography. Some parts of the book were released yesterday, while, the whole book will be released on 24th of October.

David Beckham remained a part of Manchester United for 12 years before making a move to Spain in 2003 after having a massive dispute with Sir Alex Ferguson.

After leaving United, Beckham’s career started to deteriorate. He spent a few years in Spain playing for Real Madrid and then, later on in America playing for Los Angeles Galaxy, but, he couldn’t perform up to his potential. He eventually announced his retirement earlier this year after a brief tenure at the French club Paris Saint-Germain.

In Ferguson’s book, there is a chapter about Beckham. That chapter consists of 11 pages and Ferguson has mentioned quite a few incidents related to Beckham in it.
According to the former Manchester United boss, towards the end of his career at Old Trafford, Beckham had started to behave weirdly. He had started to think that he was more important than the manager.

Ferguson added that Beckham would have become one of the greatest players ever at Manchester United if he had not gone after fame and publicity so much.

Talking to the reporters about his new book in a press conference yesterday, Ferguson said, “David’s marriage with Victoria was a turning point in his career. He didn’t remain the same player after that.”

“He had the ability to become one of the greats at United. But because of the desire that he had for stardom, he couldn’t do that.”

“If he had shown a little more maturity, he might have been playing for Manchester United even today.”

David Beckham hopes Rooney sticks with United

The saga surrounding Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney has become an extremely thorny issue for both the club, the player as well as those associated with the two and now, former United favorite David Beckham has thrown his hat into the sag by stating that the England international is better off staying put at Old Trafford.

United’s Premier League rivals Arsenal and Chelsea are monitoring the situation with the 27 year old who is valued by his club at £ 25 million and his future was thrown into further complication with new United chief executive officer Ed Woodward stating the club has no plans to discuss a contract extension with the player.

And David Beckham, who was a part of the famous Fergie’s Fledglings, the Class of ’92 that went from winning the FA Youth Cup to help United become the most dominant force English football has ever seen has stated that the player should not be looking for a move.

Beckham, who won six Premier League titles, two FA Cups and the 1999 UEFA Champions League during his stint at the club, fell fowl of the club’s manager Sir Alex Ferguson and had to leave the club under acrimonious circumstances. He went to Real Madrid where he won just one trophy before he went on to finish his career playing for Los Angeles Galaxy, AC Milan and Paris saint Germain.

Speaking to the media, fashion icon stated that he hopes Wayne Rooney stays at Manchester United because he is an extremely talented player and he sees him as a Manchester United player. David Beckham went on to add that the decision finally rests with him but as a Manchester United fan, he wants the best players to stay at the club and believes he will ultimately stay at Old Trafford


The manager of Paris Saint-Germain, Carlo Ancelotti, has said that he will try hard to convince David Beckham to stay at PSG.

Beckham’s contract with PSG will get finished at the end of this season, but, the French club doesn’t want the star English midfielder to leave.

After leaving Los Angeles Galaxy in December last year, Beckham had been approached by a total of 11 clubs. But, the 37 years old veteran rejected all those offers and decided to sign for PSG at the start of this year.

Beckham has so far featured for PSG in 4 matches. He has played as a defensive midfielder in all those 4 matches.
When asked about the extension of Beckham’s contract, Ancelotti said, “We want him to stay here in the next season as well and we would love to give him a contract extension. But, it’s up to him to decide whether he wants to stay here or not. I would try to convince him.”

“David is a great player and no club would want him to leave. He has done a fine job in the matches that he has played for us so far.”

PSG has had a great season so far, but, in the last few games, their performance hasn’t been that good. They have managed to win just 1 out of the last 4 matches. However, they are still at the first position in the Ligue 1 points table with 58 points in 29 matches.

Olympique Lyonnais and Olympique de Marseille are not that far behind PSG in terms of points. Lyonnais and Marseille have 53 and 51 points respectively.

PSG will play its next match against Montpellier HSC. That match will be played at Parc Des Princes on Friday.


David Beckham has said that his former club Manchester United has a good chance of winning the Premier League title this season.

Manchester United wasn’t able to win the Premier League in the last season. But, Sir Alex Ferguson’s team is looking good in the ongoing season. The Red Devils currently have a 9-point lead over the defending champions Manchester City with 13 matches to go.

David Beckham was a part of the Manchester United team between 1993 and 2003. When he was asked about the performance of his former club in this season, he said, “I think they are the best team in the Premier League and they are showing that on the field. The way they have played in the league so far, they deserve to win the title and they will be able to do it.”

Manchester United will face Real Madrid in a Champions League clash on the upcoming Wednesday. When Beckham was asked which team will be the favourite in that match, he said, “It’s a tough one. Both the teams are equally good. I have played for both the clubs in the past and I love both of them. So, it’s very hard for me to pick one team before the match.”

When asked if he would like to manage a team after announcing his retirement, the English midfielder said, “No, management is not something that I am looking forward to. Buying a club might be an option, but, I would not like to enter the field of management; that’s for sure.”

Beckham has recently signed for the French club Paris Saint Germain on a short term contract of 5 months. He had left his previous club Los Angeles Galaxy at the end of the MLS season in December last year.


The former Chelsea manager Claudio Ranieri has said that he wants to bring David Beckham and Frank Lampard to the French club Monaco, who are currently playing in the second division of French football.

Despite playing in the second division, they are backed by the Russian billionaire who is prepared to spend a lot of money on players. This coupled with the tax-free heaven that is Monaco has meant that the club has become a great attraction to several players. David Beckham recently became a free agent after revealing that he will not be signing a new contract with LA Galaxy.

Meanwhile, the Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard, who was brought to the West London club back in 2001 by Claudio Ranieri, is also out of contract at the end of the season. The Italian has said that he is a very big fan of both these players and would like to have them at Monaco next season. The second division club are expected to be promoted to the French league in the season. They are currently second in the Ligue 2 table 3 points behind the leaders Nantes. Frank Lampard will bring his 11 year association with the West London outfit at the end of the season after the club has not yet offered him a new deal.

"Oh, it would be fantastic. He could perform well in Ligue 1 - why not? Frank could play in every country. Oh he is the same - he is a big champion. He would be a good professional player for us. I like all the champions and he is a champion. Look, I think that my chairman wants young people. Young players to develop that can get better together over time," said the former Chelsea manager in a recent interview given about his transfer targets.


The former England midfielder David Beckham has said that playing a lot of games in recent weeks for LA Galaxy has left himself extremely tired. LA Galaxy have played four games in the last 11 days, and the former Real Madrid, Manchester United, and AC Milan midfielder has admitted that age is finally catching up with him.

The 37-year-old has been extremely influential for LA Galaxy this season. He has not played for other teams on loan deals during the January transfer window, which have helped him keep in love football. However, he has admitted that it feels like having played 50 matches over the last few weeks.

David Beckham had to be substituted in the recent match between San Jose earthquakes and was seen with an ice pack later in the match. There have also been rumours that he is set to leave the club at the end of the season. He has signed a one-year rolling contract that will come to an end this season. There have been no indications that LA Galaxy are willing to offer him a new contract. The club are in a great position to lift the title once again this season, which would be a great way to leave the club for the 37-year-old.

"It feels like we've played about 50 games in the last two weeks. Who knows? I'm going to enjoy being in the play-offs... and then we'll see how this body feels. Even when I stop playing, I'll have a hunger to do something better and be the best," said David Beckham. Rumours have been intense that David Beckham will not only quit LA Galaxy, but also life in Los Angeles in order to move to New York. This would enable his wife to focus on her career in fashion.


Los Angeles Galaxy has defeated Vancouver Whitecaps by 2-0 in MLS league at the Home Depot Center. The Galaxy team won the match without having much difficulty. Galaxy could have won the match by a much bigger margin, but, Robbie Keane’s goal in the 32nd minute was disqualified by the referee as Keane was found to be in an offside position while kicking the ball.

The whitecaps looked nervous right from the start and their shots were wayward. They gave too many opportunities to the Galaxy players who were quick to capitalize on those chances. The Galaxy team hasn’t been defeated in the last six games.

The Galaxy team came into the match in an aggressive mood and created some chances, but, the players were not able to convert those chances into goals in the first 40 minutes and it seemed that the first half would end goalless, but, the Brazilian international Juninho opened the scoring for Galaxy in the 41st minute by scoring a brilliant goal. He beat the Whitecaps goalkeeper, Brad Knighton, with a powerful flat shot from a distance of 35 yards. Knighton had absolutely no chance. Galaxy was ahead by 1-0 at the end of the first half.

The Whitecaps kept struggling in the second half as well. It proved to be very hard for them to go past the galaxy defenders. The English superstar, David Beckham, doubled the lead of Galaxy in the 79th minute by taking advantage of the free kick earned by the team. It was the sixth goal scored by Beckham in the last 8 matches.

After the match, Beckham said that it’s wonderful to score goals consistently. The boys performed brilliantly in the match and it was a team effort. As per Beckham, Juninho’s goal was fantastic. It’s not easy to put the ball into the goal post from such a long distance. But, Juninho was bang on target. Galaxy will play its next match against the Colorado Rapids on 14th of September at the Home Depot Center.


No one would dispute the status of the English Premier League as one of the most cosmopolitan in the world – indeed the matter has caused all manner of hand wringing from many, concerned that the steady influx of playing talent from other countries is stifling the chances of young English players.

Nonetheless the varied nationalities of the players is a major reason for the global appeal of the Premier League – from the games to the spin-off activities such as computer games and those at online casino sites. One of the countries which is not quite so heavily represented in the Premiership’s league of nations is Canada, but the league has uncovered at least one rising Canadian star in the last year.

David ‘Junior’ Hoilett, a winger who currently plays for Blackburn Rovers made a real name for himself last season, despite the dismal campaign Blackburn experienced as a club. Indeed Hoilett’s performances and goals represented probably the only bright spot of an otherwise unrelentingly miserable season for fans of the Ewood Park club; and it is testament to the impression he made that, following their relegation from the league, he was the first player tipped to move to another Premier League club during the summer. So far this has not happened, but few observers expect Hoilett to be playing football for Blackburn in the Championship next season.

Hoilett was born in Ontario and is actually a product of the Blackburn youth system, having been a member of their academy since 2003 – when he was just 13. He spent his formative years being loaned by the club to a variety of teams in the German leagues, in order to gain experience of first team football, before making his debut for Rovers in 2009. In the subsequent three years he has played 81 times for the club, scoring 12 goals, but it was really last season that he caught the eye, with a number of outstanding performances. With the likes of Manchester United now interested in him, he appears set to be one of Canada’s Premier League stars for some time to come.


LA Galaxy's star midfielder David Beckham has said that he has no hard feelings about the suspension he has received following his yellow card in recent match. The 37-year-old defender was also found to be guilty of breaking the code of conduct by the disciplinary committee. He was suspended for one match.

He was found guilty of breaking the record of contact in the match against San Jose earthquakes. He was also fined by the MLS, but is now eligible to play once again for LA Galaxy. Speaking ahead of his return, the former Manchester United star has said that he is happy to return to first-team action once again and has no regrets about having missed the previous match.

One of the reasons for David Beckham saying in such a manner is that he has learnt in his extensive and successful career that he should not regret anything that has happened in life. Even though the former Real Madrid star has said that he did deserve the first yellow card, the second yellow card is a matter of debate. David Beckham recently was not given the opportunity to represent Team GB in the London Olympics by the manager Stuart Pearce.

“I think you got to ask the people that decide these decisions, because they seem to miss everything else aside from the main talking point. They miss everything else going on around them. I think Bruce [Arena, head coach] has said it already about the referee not having control of the game. Did I deserve a yellow card? Yeah, I probably did deserve a yellow card. Because of my reaction. But did I deserve the second game? That's for other people to talk about, and other people talk about it very well, by the way," said David Beckham ahead of the match with Portland Timbers.


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