David Beckham Now Has His Own eSports Team

Former England football David Beckham is well-known for his free-kick taking ability - who can forget that free-kick that he scored against Greece to send England to the World Cup? Since he retired, he has dabbled in a number of business interests such as fashion, whisky, and fragrances, and he has recently moved into the eSports world by investing in Guild eSports, an eSports team that is aiming to create ripples in the eSports world.

Floating on the Stock Exchange

They have recently announced that they plan to be the first eSports franchise team to list themselves on the London Stock Exchange so that they can raise about £20 million to invest in new players and improve the business.

David Beckham speaks about importance of mental health

Former England and Manchester United star David Beckham has claimed that it is very important for players to come up with a ‘mentally healthy’ declaration part of the game. The superstar, who is no stranger to intense amount of pressure from the media and fans, has claimed that the stakes for a footballer have increased even further in recent years. The football world has come together in unity for creating a ‘mentally healthy football’ declaration so that players who have problems are able to get help.

The issue of health is very important for a footballer, who is often looked at from a physical point of view. However, the mental health of a person is also very crucial, and one of the organisations that pay say all of importance would be the Heads Up campaign.

Inter Miami targeting Luis Suarez as marquee signing

David Beckham might be famous for representing the likes of Real Madrid, but his first major signing as the owner of Inter Miami might be Barcelona's Luis Suarez. It has been reported that the newly formed the MLS franchise are very keen on taking the former Liverpool star. Suarez is reportedly considering his options away from the Camp Nou in order to secure one big contract that could be the last of his career. He has reportedly identified the Major League Soccer as a strong destination where he will be able to test himself at a reasonable level while still making a lot of money.

Inter Miami know very well about the quality of Luis Suarez, who has been in excellent form for Barcelona even at the age of 33. He has come up with 19 goals in all competitions for the team along with a decent return of 12 assists. Suarez has been a regular feature of the team, but it is expected that Barcelona will look to replace him sooner rather than later due to his age. The 33-year-old only has a contract with the club until the summer of 2021.

Solskjaer praises David de Gea despite recent criticism

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has praised David de Gea as the best goalkeeper in the world in amid of the criticisms. He was heavily criticised by Roy Keane for the goal in the match against Tottenham. Keane said that De Gea is an overrated player and, if he was in the dressing room, he would be pulling out punches. The error was a major one for a world-class goalkeeper like him. Since then Sheffield United loan playerDean Henderson is being named for becoming United’s first team goalkeeper. Solskjaer has indicated that in the future Henderson has the chances of becoming United’s No.1.

Henderson has been exceptional during his time at Sheffield but he won’t be present in the match against United on Wednesday. De Gea has made many errors during the past months but Solskjaer has overlooked it and has named him to be the world’s best.

Januzaj believes Paul Pogba will remain at United next season

Real Sociedad attacker Adnan Januzaj believes Paul Pogba will stay put with Manchester United next season despite the constant speculation regarding his future. The France international has spent vast parts of the current season on the sidelines because of an ankle injury but that has not ceased the gossip over his future.

Beckham recalls playing his last professional game

David Beckham in Instagram has posted a video which consisted of the best moments in his football career. The video was posted as a commemoration, as it had been seven years since his retirement from professional football. He has also stated that he misses playing the game even after seven years. His last game was in Ligue 1 for Paris Saint Germain in 2013. Besides United and PSG, he has played for Real Madrid, LA Galaxy and AC Milan.
The 45-year-oldcan’t believe that so much time has passed, that he still has happy memories of him playing football.He now holds co-ownershipof the club Inter Miami.

David Beckham Chooses Messi over Ronaldo

Former Real Madrid and Manchester United midfielder David Beckham claims that Lionel Messi would be the best player in his opinion, as he thinks that he is on a higher level than Cristiano Ronaldo. This comes as a brutal snub by the Inter Miami owner, who has played for some of the biggest clubs in the world. In his stellar career, Beckham has also come up against some incredibly talented players like Zinedine Zidane, Luis Figo, Ryan Giggs, and more. Yet, Messi and Ronaldo have been seen as the ultimate best to have come up in the world football.

Solskjaer heaps praise on Odion Ighalo after Europa League win at LASK

Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has heaped praise on Odion Ighalo following the club’s 5-0 win over LASK in the first leg of the Europa League round of 16. The Nigeria international went into the game with three goals from two starts and he managed to continue the fine form with a goal and an assist at the Linzer Stadium on Thursday night.

Solskjaer heaps praise on Bruno Fernandes’ decision-making in training

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has described Bruno Fernandes as a ‘very good footballer’ and believes the Portuguese makes quicker decision on the playing field when compared to others. The 25-year-old had a decent debut against Wolverhampton Wanderers before the winter break and he is now expected to feature for the Red Devils on their west London trip to face Chelsea.

Dropping odds explained

For an inexperienced bettor, it seems rather strange to see the odds dropping especially when the movements are spontaneous. The question “why are odds dropping” comes naturally and is only logical. The common belief is that odds drop or rise due to some last-minute information that the bookmaker has acquired, like a managerial change or the absence of a star player. Seeing that this is the rarest case, we aim to show you everything you need to know about odds movements. And most importantly how to play with dropping odds and ultimately how to profit from dropping odds.

How to interpret dropping odds

Usually dropping odds simply means that the bookmaker is adjusting his prices to reflect true probabilities of an outcome or to balance his commission. Given that the odds were posted days or even weeks before the kick-off, this is the right thing to do. So if you notice a progressive drop of the odds during the days it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is something going on there. The bookmakers are dropping odds as a specific outcome is getting a lot of action. Nothing suspicious here. But if you notice a significant change in the odds (more than 20% or so) in the 70% of the trustworthy bookmakers around the globe, then it means that there is something going on here. Something you should learn about it and of course bet on it.